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Comments on the Military and Business Ownership

We asked veteran owned businesses listed in to tell us how their time in the military helped them succeed as business owners. Below are some of their answers.

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“I learned leadership, critical thinking, interpersonal and management skills.”

Allyn Nock - BrightStar Care

“I learned to understand the meaning of discipline and how to perform under pressure. I came to understand the meaning of leadership through working my way up through the ranks.”

Richard Porter - Advocates in Manpower Management, Inc.

“The Army instilled three traits into my personality. Discipline, honor, and initiative. Discipline helps me to run my business effectively and efficiently. Honor allows me to maintain a solid client base because I strive to "do the right thing" at all times, even if it means losing money on a job. Initiative gives me the desire to constantly improve processes, keep up with new technologies, and take advantage of opportunities to provide new and improved services to my clients.”

David Sazama - eFusion Systems

“USAF taught me to manage resources and provided opportunities to lead people with a common goal.”

Lonnie Pace - Family Laundry

“It has helped me keep deadlines, be well organized.”

Dawn White - White's Cleanit

“The military taught me leadership, management, and people skills.”

Thomas Krick - Homeland Property Inspections

“The military helped me focus on leadership skills, being goal-oriented and a having high level professionalism.”

Richard Fendley - Interior Fusion, LLC

“Do to the military training, I have learned to communicate with different type of individual and to communicate with them their needs for my service. My main service is to help each individual to purchase the home of their dream or to help current homeowner get better rate and lower their monthly payment of their current home mortgage.”

John Sheppard - J Sheppard Loan Processing Service

“The experience acquired during my 23 years of military service and our unique approach to identify and complete our projects, places us at a different level than that of our competitors. Indirectly we are still serving our nation and those that are currently serving and we are extremely proud for it!”

Alfredo Quiros - Telum Protection Corp

“My years in flying and crash investigation gave me discipline, confidence, and drive to take care of fellow vets. ”

Bear Thomas - Bear Team Realty

“Gave me the principles and discipline that drives my business.”

Thomas Bednarczyk - SilverLining Partners LLC

“I learned discipline and responsibility.”

Donnie Cross - Just By Nature Candle & Soap Supplies

“I joined as a very young man. The Army instilled in me to believe in myself, have determination and never quit. Tho I be the lone survivor Rangers lead the way.”

Dewey Mitchell - Durable Cages LLC

“The discipline and rigid routines have prepared me to be honest, trustworthy, and above punctual in my approach to all of my inspection activities.”

Thomas Spoor - Quality Home Inspection

“I joined the Navy one year after high school. I served six years in the Navy Nuclear Power program, four years on the USS California (cgn36). After the service, I enrolled at the University of New Mexico and received my Electrical Engineering Degree. I worked for Intel for 12 years and now own and operate my own fitness center. The Navy gave me experience that none of the other things ever could; that is, discipline, honesty and integrity and that anything worth having requires those three.”

Mark Atencio - Anytime Fitness Albuquerque

“We’re trained to do our jobs and react to certain situations just the way civilian employees are. But we also have leeway to use our intelligence and awareness to respond to new situations and come up with new ways of doing things. We work in teams, so as problems come up, we solve them collectively and understanding the company’s mission and looking to my to employees for insights are all skills I learned while in service. In the military, we work in teams, and we have leaders just the way.”

Frank Valenti - Fulton Graphics, Inc.

“The drive to be mission focused.”

Joe Webb - 4 Granite Inc.

“Military training prepared me to follow rules and steps in order to achieve goals. It taught me teamwork and how to be a good leader. There are some of the things I was able to use in order to become a business owner. The Army core values are something I have used as a way of life both in the military and in the business world, and it has been essential to our growth.”

Fernando Martinez - Ostar Motorsports


John(Jack) Furtney - JS Gifts and More

“Persistence and Organization!”

James Terhune - T&T Materials

“The Air Force has prepared me to be a professional leader!”

Mark Northrup - House 2 Home LLC

“Military training and discipline coupled with hard work, long hours and camaraderie were influential in building fortitude, preparedness and can-do attitudes in me for life after the military. Seeing so many countries and what people live like in other parts of the world gave me an immense appreciation for what we have had here in America like no other experience could have. Being thankful for our freedoms by knowing the cost involved from our veterans and founding fathers is invaluable.”

Marty DiGiacomo - True Blue Transportation

“Organizational and leadership skills.”

James Abbott - Satcom Scientific, Inc.

“Higher work standards, better people skills, higher quality product efficiency!”

Roger Newcomer - Dick's Speed-O-Tach, Inc.

“Marine Corps taught me discipline and integrity.”

Steven Fikes - SFX Electric

“The military discipline most of all gave me the head start to achieve in civilian life and the command training gave me the ability to direct others toward goal accomplishment.”

Jim McConaghy -

“During my 21 years in the military, I have developed my discipline and attention to detail that I use everyday as a business owner. My biggest asset is STANDARDS, and that is why it's in the company name "Military Standards Window Cleaning.”

Scott Pearce - Military Standards Window Cleaning LLC

“Military service has prepared me to be a better business owner; by being organized, to be able to listen to my customers and meeting their needs. Not to be afraid to fail, and if I do, not to stop until I get it right!”

Charles Reynolds - OR Communications

“It's helped me form objectives, and become better at forming strategies to reach those objectives. It's also helped me work as a team, develop SOP's in my business, and focus on the goals I have set.”

EJ Smith - Smith Business Development Solutions

“Basic training was no joke. It instilled discipline, courage, and the will to "drive on troop"! While stationed in Fort Kobbe, Panama I depended on the guy to my right and to my left. Same goes with business.”

Tom Carter - Ultrabrite LLC

“The military prepared me to be a better business owner, by challenging my mind and body through seemingly impossible tasks. After accomplishing these tasks, I realized that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.”

David Zimmerman - Lawn n' Home Doctor

“Taught me patience.”

Jonathan Schneider - Schneider Financial Group, Ltd

“Being a Marine & D. I. speaks for it's self - There is only one way to do it and "That's The Right Way". ~ They call me {The Box Doctor} and I have 46 years experience Semper Fi”

Roger Maxson - Maxson Container Consultants

“From the very beginning of my business career I found the discipline and regimentation I had learned in military service to be of great value. I was able to apply this directly, first to learning a business, and then to teaching my employees about their jobs. I also learned in the military that success generally required a team effort and that every member of that team was equally valuable. For instance, fighter pilots may hold the "glory" jobs in the Air Force, but they would not be able to function without a team of mechanics and technicians who service, maintain, sometimes control, and when necessary, rescue the aircraft and crew.”

Carl Lewis - SnowWalker, LLC

“I'm built to be a better leader and much more confidence now.”

carlos gutierrez - CD Phone Home Inc.

“The twenty-one years of varied assignments and responsibilities inherent with the positions provided the leadership and know-how to become a small business owner.”

Gary Pitchford - Veteran Hire Pursuit, LLC

“Military service prepared me to be an effective leader in all kinds of situations. It taught me to be a better decision maker and to be fair and equitable in my dealings with others.”

James Boles - BTI

“Leadership training and concept of personal Duty and Honor.”

Mark Preson - Operations and Engineering

“Discipline of finances. Only taking opportunities that present winning outcomes. Networking opportunities.”

CHARLIE FRISCH - Z3 Consultants Inc

“As a Master Training Specialist with the USN I gained valuable teaching experience that helped the transition to the private sector.”

H.G. Laragione - Maritime Institute Inc.

“It helped me develop a disciplined, organized and communicative work style.”

Karen Auguste - Purple Lynx Inc.

“I learned the basic from the military, respect all people and do my best for the mission at hand... that reflects the way I handle my business.”


“As a Navy hospital corpsman back in the mid 80s, I spent several years juggling many tasks at one time. Whether drawing blood or filing medical records, everything had to be extremely organized and done quickly and perfectly. There was no room for error when it came to dealing with my daily duties in the Navy and there is no room for error today in running an agency. The military also helped me become comfortable working with different people from all ranks and all walks of life which makes running a web-centric marketing agency like eWareness much easier.”

Brian St.Ours - eWareness

“The military has better prepared me to run my business for many reasons. I love to take challenges head on, am a highly motivated person. I look for the best in anything I do whether I was on the front lines in Iraq or cleaning a customers window!”

Billy Templeton - Veterans Window Services

“The military taught me that there is always a way to get something done and I believe I have brought that attitude to my business.”

Matthew Gilmore - Lincoln Process Service

“Taught me how to deal with stress!”

Marty Katz - QBD Consulting, Inc

“26 years experience of flying, maintaining, and support Air Force Weapon Systems.”

Don Needham - LogSpec

“The exposure to types of people outside of my chosen circle of friends and how to deal with difficult people are the most important lessons I learned while serving.”

John Hendrickson - Smoke Eaters Supply

“Procedures and systems.”

Ron Glazer - Ron Glazer

“Organizational Skills - Paying attention to details!”

Jay Giese - American Pride Industrial Equipment and Services LLC

“First the military service allowed me to participate in the GI Bill which paid for my Masters Degree in Business. Second it instilled in me a sense of integrity and honesty with is often missing in business. Third it taught me to focus on clients.”

Paul Harar - Maximum Blends

“Discipline & leadership.”

Brian Crist - MGQ & Associates, Inc

“Serving in the military gave me a good sense of direction and ethical business practices as well as a hard-working and responsible lifestyle.”

Michael Friedberg - Secure Standards, LLC

“The leadership skills learned in the military has prepared me to be better business owner.”

Anthony King - Bamaboys Towing & Transport

“Taught me discipline and gave me the self esteem needed.”

Dan Engel - Employee Benefit Solutions LLC

“Leadership abilities, and discipline acquired in the service has carried over into business.”

James McBride - Environmental Management System

“The Army instilled a sense of discipline, teamwork and organization in me that has bettered every aspect of my life. I would definitely not be where I am today without the time that I proudly served in the military.”

Robin Caton - Foundstuff Estate Sales & Personal Property Appraisals

“The good people that trained me at FT. Polk LA. taught me to never give up, no matter what the odds, keep the pressure up and persevere until the adversary can be conquered.”

Alfred Kamosa, Jr. - Kamosa Realty

“Discipline, discipline, discipline!”

Bob Wilburn - Matrix Construction Co., Inc.

“1- Dealing with diversity 2- making well thought out and timely decisions 3- Do what ever it takes to complete the project 4- Turning negative situations into positive results”

Mel Flaget - Point 2 Point Logistics (Independent Landstar Agency)

“Focus, dedication, will to survive, discipline.”

Kelly Dearwester II - Premier Link LLC

“Leadership and program management at the Defense Contract College.”

David Salvadorini - Salvadorini Consulting LLC

“First and foremost, the Navy taught me electrical. I work until the job is finished. Confidence, knowledge and integrity were expected of me while serving and now those characteristics are provided for my clients.”

Steven Barrow - Sun Electrical & Renovations, LLC

“It has made and kept me Responsible.”

Rowland Givens - The Wright Place Foundation Inc.

“Attention to detail. Management skills with employees.”

Ryan Powell - The Cleaning Corps

“Serving in the Navy has given me the discipline to be a better business owner. I was able to commandeer my four sons into getting involved with our family run business, therefore running a tight ship. Our Italian Ice business is run by all walks of people across the United States (some of which are veterans).”

Harry Moore - Little Jimmy's Italian Ice

“I was an Airborne Ranger. While I was a Ranger, I was held to a higher standard. I had to go above and beyond my call of duty. I have always went out of the way for my customer. That single gesture makes you better than your competition.”

James Scott Williams - Alabama Sprinkler Services Inc.


Thomas Crook - Uncle Tom's Handyman Service

“Responsibility for actions, leadership, commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and being on time are all qualities that 23 years of military service taught me, enabling me to be successful after leaving the military.”

Keith Sublett - Gorilla Integrations, LLC

“By developing my organizational skills and giving me pride and determination.”

Eric brackman - RFI Consultants


Norbert Rug - Akron Grove Bath Products Inc.

“CAN Do attitude. Always ready to get the job done.”

peter vanwolvelaerd - VanDahl Engineering & Construction

“It has made me disciplined and focused and able to multi-task.”

Doug Robinson - Maine Inspection & Engineering Company

“Almost 10 years in the USAF taught me many things including trustworthiness, timeliness, honesty, sense of pride, and ethical behavior.”

Michael White - Heritage Heating & Air LLC

“I have been doing what I learned in the Military my entire life.”

Richard Grado - Rocky Mountain Civil Constructors

“The military taught me to take control and follow through and give 100% to my efforts.”

Anthony Perry - Total Care Property Inspections

“It showed me the drive that it takes to succeed, and the integrity to make sure the job is done right.”

Nelson Borgeson - Borg Construction Services

“Time management, responsibility, accountability, teamwork, pride, and the list goes on. I am very proud to have served and look forward to a successful career in business for myself with the help of friends, family and other veterans. Thank you.”

Lisa Madison - Rocky Coast Seminars

“The submarine service taught me discipline and the need to work in cooperation with others.”

Michael Addison - Siella Imaging LLC

“The key word in any business is integrity.”

Gerard Sunnen - Ozonics International, LLC

“The Texas Air National Guard instilled in me (at least) three traits that are highly desirable in business owners/entrepreneurs... discipline, perseverance and tenacity. Without these traits I would never have been able to drive my business to where it is now.”

Chris Nicolaou - Texas DNS, Inc.

“Leadership by Example. Supply Chain Management Skills.”

Billy Williamson - Global MPG

“The military helped by providing me with the determination to keep striving for success in everything that I do!”

Edward McCullough Sr. - The Bait Barn

“Being a leader of Marines prepared me to take the reigns of my company and relentley give everything that I possibly can to ensure that our customer base comes first and receives nothing but the highest quality of service.”

Brett Granger - Global Garage Flooring and Design of Houston, LLC.

“The military gave me a sense of accomplishment and the will and desire to achieve any goal set in front of me. With the motivation given to me by the many people in the military pushing me only made me stronger as a person.”

Francis Kalokitis - Kal Kom LLC

“Went thru some trying times in the army (helicopter crew chief-Vietnam) which makes you stronger, so you can give the extra effort it takes to run a business.”

William Whelan - The Printing Works

“Improvise, adapt and overcome!”

Brian Durgin - Durgin's Lawn & Landscape

“The courtroom is a tough place to succeed, but not near as tough as the training and experiences I encountered in the Marine Corps as an enlisted infantryman.”

Russell Little - The Law Offices of Russell Little, LLC

“Honor, respect, discipline!”

stephon mudd - Services Rendered VIP Photography

“Military service provided the ability to achieve tailored results in complex operating environments with a diverse work force. Teamwork, collaboration and individual/team achievement are key to customer satisfaction and company growth and professionalism.”

Ben Saylor - Fidelity Contract Flooring, LLC

“Honesty and integrity!”

Ronald McClaskey - R-Mac Electrical Service

“I'm able to think outside the box after living and working in many, many boxes.”

Timothy Buskell - Ago

“Trust, leadership, independent, and the ability to talk and work with others to accomplish goals.”

Jeffrey Lakatos - Hartland Electric LLC

“The military provided a place to mature and see the world without the close protection of my family. Decisions made by myself were totally mine and had its repercussions either positive or negative. This was the place where you learn to be an adult.”

James E. Frederick - TimeLine Management Group, LLC

“The military instilled the importance of pride and dedication in the task at hand, also the need for attention to the details of any task I undertake.”

Michael Langel - Proving Grounds Lawn Care

“I entered the Army at seventeen years old, as a high school drop out. The Army taught me the skills that have enabled me to thrive in any situation that I have found myself in. The training and education I was provided have made the man I am today.”

Scott Jones - Native Sons Services, LLC

“The leadership training I received in the US Army prepared me to take on many challenges in life as well as taught me the skills I needed to venture out and start my own business.”

Leopold Lacrimosa - SonoranDesertKnives

“Planning for multiple scenarios and learning to think independently and still be a team member are just a couple of attributes passed from active military service to being a business owner.”

Alan Ferneau - Tymely Moments - Brandon

“More discipline to do what is right. More direction to get to my goal.”

James Moore - D.J.M. Building and Remodeling Co.

“Military Service enabled me to have the discipline and internal drive to succeed in creating and growing my own company.”

Jamie Falconi - Stellar Apparel

“Discipline, team work, never give up attitude.”

Marvin Whitaker - Skip's Construction Co., Inc.

“Strong work ethic.”

Stewart Smith - The Crabby Pig

“The military provided work place skills, discipline, responsibility, order, and foresight.”

Ricky Forrest - Don's Repair

“Attention to detail that is required in the military has driven our business. Getting to jobs on time and completing them with the quality that is required is also a skill pounded into us military members.”

Russ Stark - Surface Specialists of Arrowhead Country

“Becoming a soldier taught me to be a better business owner because I learned to face my fears from within. After I conquered, I was able to join the forces of many other strong individuals that possessed the strengths that I so longed to have.”

Silvia Torres Timoteo - Luxury Maids, Inc

“Discipline. Before entering the army I was a mess but afterward I became very organized.”

Stanley Sigstad - Trader Sigstad's Coffee

“Paid for college and built leadership.”

Mike Olivera, DBA - Rescue Wireless Remote Computer & Network Repair

“Discipline, pride in workmanship, attention to detail, extraordinary customer service ethic.”

Jeff Truesdale - Proforma True Solutions

“Serving in the Army and now the Reserves has helped me to be more aware of the world around me. My organizational and communication skills have improved, I have an increased love for my country and our freedoms. I returned from my 4th deployment to Afghanistan (2012) and am honored to say that I have served with the finest men and women and am grateful for their support and for what we have learned together.”

Adam Peters - Three Willows Counseling, LLC

“My military career has taught me the organizational skills to conduct business and cope with the stress of business.”

Jim Thomas - Environmental Equipment Services LLC

“It has given me leadership skills, drive and desire to become someone, the need to succeed.”

Katrina Wheeler - Katrina Wheeler Photography

“The Military service taught me to focus on a goal (mission) and don't be afraid to be adventurous. Add in hard work and you have the recipe to be a great business owner.”

Charles Moss - Mosscovers, LLC

“Before joining the military I was a partner in a restaurant at the age of 23. When the Iraq war kicked off I had a hard time sitting on the side lines watching everything unfold. I left the partnership and joined the military. The rest is history.”

Nicholas Gray - NG Enterprises, LLC

“It has made me a more (nose to the grindstone) kind of a person. What ever it takes to get the job done.”

Gary Wickham - P.F.D. LLC

“Define goals, keep focus and achieve defined objectives.”

Leslie Cooley - Pierce/Cooley Architects, Inc.

“It has given me the discipline to realize that what the mind can see it can achieve!”

Richard Olvera - LegalShield Independent Associate - Richard Olvera

“Giving me the discipline and knowledge to be competitive.”

Greg Nixon - QualiCare Commercial Cleaning

“My 10 years in the US Coast Guard has forced me to adapt to learn virtually every other specialty that directly and indirectly affects me. In my experience, almost every system that I have seen in the coast guard has failed around me and I would have to learn how to operate it to ensure it was carried out properly other wise it would negatively affect me. as a result of these broken systems I have been able to learn about technology, administration, management, science and teaching.”

Charles Carver - Triple C Entertainment

“My training helped me to look at a situation and quickly and accurately make educated decisions.”

David Wardlow - Veterans Debt Relief

“I was in the United States Marine Corps, it taught me to make the best of what I have to work with and never give up.”

Wilbert Guice - The Point Mans Guide

“When I enlisted in the navy right out of school, this was during the Vietnam war. I was a gun captain with the responsibilities of ten young men like myself, and the military by giving me that task set the wheels in motion, with teaching me leadership among my peers, and has helped me with my business.”

mike whitmer - Mike's Natural Stone Walls

“With training in leadership.”

Tom Shelters - Shelters Home Inspections

“Attention to detail!”

eric smith - Father and Sons Lawn Care

“Military service instills many fine characteristics such as integrity, responsibility, loyalty, commitment, and much more. It makes you appreciate the freedoms that we are afforded because of the sacrifices of those know what it truly means to serve.”

Jeff Haynes - Realty Inspection Services, LLC

“Veteran Owned Business (.com) has provided us a platform to not only share with the world our inspection services, but it also opens an opportunity for our company to refer and promote other veteran listings as well. What a great concept long overdue!”

Gary Sloan - Discovery Inspections, LLC

“My military duty has prepared me to constantly pay close attention to detail and multi task to correctly cover my clients. It has also prepared me to deal with the fast pace and hi level of stress that comes with running an Insurance agency.”

Michael Barden - Barden Insurance Agency

“Military service taught me about honor, integrity, service, and responsibility. My accountability to each of my patients comes from a partnership that I create with each of them, much like the soldiers previously under my command.”

Jennifer Paweleck-Bellingrodt - Bello Enterprises, LLC

“Serving my country has been one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences of my life. The leadership, problem solving skills, as well as the strong work ethics instilled on me while serving, permeate everything we do at our law firm.”

Gary Lambert - Lambert & Associates

“Taught me to be self reliant.”

Seymour Lecker - Lecker Business Services, Inc.

“Attention to detail and the mindset to get the job done one way or another!”

Michael Jarecke - mjaUSA Hosting & Online Services

“One word: discipline!”

Gerald Greer - Mr. G's Tees, Inc. (dba Under the Moon Graphics)

“Active, detail-oriented, discipline, focus, hardworking, observant, regimented, scheduled.”

Pete Petroulias - Phoenix Communications & Cabling, Inc.

“Government contracts can be a daunting task. However, having served in the Army the skills you develop as a leader prepare you to adapt to changing needs and to pay close attention to detail.”

Taylor Justice - Squared Away Construction

“I was a young, slightly wild young man. The Army helped me to grow up fast. I met other young men from around the country that gave me a broader view of life. The Army teaches discipline, a strong work ethic, and a real love for the USA.”

William Templeton - Truck Xtreme

“I was in the US Army in the early 1980's. As a young man starting fresh in the world, the army gave me the discipline, self confidence and the proper lifestyle structure to have 3 successful businesses and now my current website design company.”

Gregg Vollman - EZ Duzit Websites

“It matured me at a young age and made me realize the importance of how great this life truly is and that veterans have given all to make this country what it is today.”

Carl Hollingsworth - Lightyear Wireless

“I wish there was more services like this.”

joseph jacobs - Military Veteran Painting

“The military life requires discipline and focus - two key elements required to be successful in business. We have a very unique perspective on life once we are no longer active in the military but the residual affect of our commitment is evident.”

Sofia Hogan - Sofia Hogan Biz Coaching

“By training me in the skills of a Physical Therapy Aide which are the foundation for my Massage Therapy training.”

Michael Wolfes - Michael's Mobile Massage, LLC

“Taught me not to quit even in today's economy.”

Merlyn Seeley - Shikata Enterprises

“Military service provided the discipline to see any project to it's completion regardless of the obstacles placed in front of one.”

Richard Canard - Chesapeake Chute Systems, Inc.

“Discipline and determination I learned in the Military has had a great part in my business that produces higher standard in my work.”

JERRY ACOSTA - JD and Master

“Responsibility, integrity, honor and getting the job done.”

James Pyle - Jims Computer Services

“All ways on time and doing the best you can the first time.”

Robin Bradley - Maid In America Janitorial Service

“Prepared me to be a responsible and accountable person. Has also helped with organization and structure.”

Raymond Bartholow - Total Product Services, LLC

“My Air Force experiences expanded my view of the business workplace and now allows us to uniquely approach the field of human resources through an effective and efficient use of processes, practices and principles.”

Leanne King - SeeKing HR

“It taught me responsibility, professionalism, dependability, commitment, honesty, reliability.”

Thomas Fortunato - Arizona's Best Moving Co.

“By teaching me at an early age that our country is the greatest country in the world. This inspired me to succeed in everything I do.”

Gonzalo Vergara - Distinctive Personnel

“Work with no supervision.”

Mike Morin - Mike & Sue Properties

“Hard work and perseverance and never give up. If you get knocked down get up and keep swinging.”

bob gertz - Parrot Cove Marina

“The military taught me to apply attention to detail in all my work. It has helped my organize, plan and execute the services I provide to my customers.”

William Slusser - Patriot Cleaning Services

“The Military taught me discipline and responsibility, these are the most important qualities that I have been able to bring to my business efforts.”

john gorman - Pocket Constitution

“Dedication, hard work and always faithful (semper fidelis).”

Ron Hall - R & S Small Engine Service

“Many traits were derived from military service, especially because of the age of the person. Most service people entered a branch of a service at 18 to 21 years of age. These are formative, learning and experience-gathering years that are nurtured.”

Joel Jablons - The TEEJAY Co.

“My 4-year enlistment in the United States Air Force taught me many skills. As a Security Police K-9 officer, I learned how to write detailed incident reports that would later be used in court to get full convictions. I also learned that a quest for knowledge and training in my career field led to special duty assignments, advancement and recognition by my superiors. Additionally, my GI Bill benefits allowed me to further my education and complete my degree programs, which provided me with additional skills needed in today's business environment.”

Jeff Tomczak - Rocky Mountain Flag Company - Littleton

“After 8 years in the Marine Corps, I have learned that such values as Honor, Courage and Commitment not only apply to the military and battlefield, but to my professional life as well. Vets need to look out for each other just as we did in service.”

Greg Trost - No Surrender Productions


Ed Mihalacki - Laurel Mountain Laser

“Understanding what teamwork it takes to truly take care of specific needs of soldiers directly applies to customer service. You must apply yourself and your team to provide great customer service.”

Richard Tillery - Veterans InfoSec Services

“In the military you learn a business from the bottom up. Although you may not look at the service as being a business it is in it's own way. You start at an entry level position and work your way to supervisory then on to management.”

Tammy Bowles - CAG LLC

“My previous military training, discipline and service during WWII following an "unemployment recession" similar to the current national recession, was a factor in my desire to succeed in civilian life. I have since then, only once, during the entire period of my adult life, actually worked for a company.”

Leon B. Siwek - World Wide Waters

“Discipline is the word.”

Joseph Massie - Massie Commercial Real Estate Services

“The leadership and team building skills that I learned through the Navy gave me a definite advantage over my competition to build strong foundation with a very committed and dedicated staff.”

Kathryn Murphy - Comfort Keepers - Jacksonville Florida

“I have learned in life as in the military that commitment and perseverance is the key to being successful in anything you do in life. I married in 1973 while still in the Marines, I am still married and going strong.”

Bob Edwards - EDWARDS Electric, Inc.

“Being in the USMC has taught me discipline, strong work ethics and to be fair and honest.”

James Wenninger - Good to Go General Contracting

“I learned from my tour of duty as a Marine Corps Helicopter Pilot many personal traits and core values that serve me well in 29 years of business in real estate.”

David B Meyers - Meyers & McCabe Properties

“I have learned how to handle a challenge.”

Glen Sandiford - My Virtual Accountants

“As an active duty member of the United States Army, I learned many many skills essential for entrepreneurship. I learned self discipline, leadership, commitment to task. I am grateful for the experience I had in the military for these reasons.”

Honey Rodgers - Premier Backyards

“My experience as an electrician in the Navy helped enable me to use this knowledge in construction and remodeling for residential and commercial customers.”

Robert Stouter - Stouter Construction, LLC

“I realized that anything is possible and we are only limited by our own initiative.”

Joseph Abi-najm - VA Home Inspect, LLC

“Integrity, discipline, management & leadership.”

Donald Carter - Secure Comm Technologies, Inc.

“Learned responsibility and chain of command.”

Clifton Coleman - Ugly Otter Trading Post

“Leadership, management skills, problem solving.”

James Wissenbach - Calamity's

“G6 Communications is owned by 3 U.S. Marines who understand what attention to detail means.”

Mark Clemens - G6 Communications, LLC.

“Being a veteran of 8 years and still an active member of the reserves, has taught me to work hard, be dedicated to my goals, and continue my education. I have also gained the quality of presenting myself in a professional manor.”

Cory Jiggens - Fishbone Computing

“Discipline, motivation, and pride.”

Ken Martin - Lodging Kit Company

“Opened our small business up to more consumers. Especially fellow veterans who have stood tall and proud for our country.”

Kenneth Elliott - P's Sleeves

“Very attentive to detail, caring and sharing with others.”

Jim Shear - Sekurenet Inc.

“Taught me to focus and set goals to attain desired results.”

Anthony Barbarette - Smoky Mountain Kayaking

“Military Service gave me my first introduction to Federal Government work and the discipline that was derived from being a Marine shaped me personally in my work ethics, attitude and dedication to detail. My Marine Corp training was invaluable.”

Valerie Lewis - Valerie Lewis Janitorial

“My military experiential base as a program and project manager, logistical specialist, and variety of other attributes from the service helped keynote the abilities I have learned to develop to be successful as a business owner.”

Dennis R Stebbins - Ventus Travel

“The military prepares people with a unique perspective on challenges. Veterans learn how to approach the world from another angle, and have an unparalleled drive and focus for meeting each challenge.”

Chad Bowerman - The Yellow Dog Group, LLC

“Good cow. It taught me discipline and self control. Also helped me be a better judge of character.”

Bill Hodge - HP Engineering, Inc.

“It has taught me to stay focused, diligent, and the ability to push yourself to limits to get the job done and the ability to depend not only on yourself to get the job done, but having the right team to succeed and accomplish the mission.”

Patrick McDonald - Innovative Vending Solutions, LLC

“Being a former military member has set the foundation for my business. A great business owner constantly practices due diligence and commitment, and leadership, three very important skills that I have gained from my military experience.”

Jamie Kincade - JLK Global Enterprises, Inc.

“I think just the basic hard work that was involved with my job. I was an operating engineer but found myself operating a handle (shovel) more often than not. The work ethic that was formed really can't be beat. I wouldn't have it any other way.”

Adam Butusov - M1 Property Management Company

“The Marine Corps teaches organizational and leadership skills that are vital in a business setting. It also instills values such as honesty and integrity, which many businesses lack these days. The military also paid for my college education.”

Nicole Wylie - No Streaking Professional Window Washing

“Leadership traits and principles instilled by the Corps.”

Wade Grant - PC Tech MediX

“Being a Navy Chief Petty Officer, has provided me with the leadership and management skills that help make our corporation.”

Doylkes R. Grimes - Regal V, Inc.

“Service before self, always doing your best, attention to detail.”

Glenn Heald - Santa Talks - A Book by Santa Glenn Heald

“My training and combat tours have given me the knowledge to train others.”

Eric Ives - Tactical Strategies and Concepts, Inc.

“Integrity, time management, work ethic.”

Alexis Marks - YellowWebMonkey Web Design

“The military prepared me for the unexpected. In the Infantry we spend years training for situations that will likely never occur, but we try to be pro-active. This training has led me to be proactive in business, trying to anticipate problems, opportunities, market fluctuations and movements before they occur.”

Michael Moussa - PartSnap

“Being in the military gave me the courage to step outside myself and take a chance.”

Gail Walker - Paddle and Pedal Adventures

“Being from a home with no father involvement, the service gave me the direction and opportunities in life that was helpful in becoming a successful business owner.”

Mark S. Haines - Tropical Environmental, Inc.

“My time in the Air Force allowed me the opportunity to meet new people across the country, develop wonderful skills for restoring and renovating old homes, and enjoying and embracing new experiences with each assignment. It was a great life and career that has led to another! We look forward to serving our community again; just in a new capacity!”

Timothy Allen - A G Thomson House Bed and Breakfast

“I've been doing government contracting for 43 years. Retired C.O. from the USAF in 1986.”

Rick Horn - Nevada Procurement Outreach Program

“Military service prepared me for the world I would be facing when I was discharged.”

Richard Langis - Rick Langis Private Investigations

“I do for the public what I did for the military.”

Wayne Crist - Tri-Star Communications

“It's my name on the line. I make sure everything is done right this time and every time.”

Robert Evans - Tree City Lawn Care

“Discipline, courage with 3rd Bat/26th Marines and 1st Bat/13th Marines.”

Stephen Coyle - Town-Green

“Received the highest quality of training and education to be able to the skills I received into the private sector. Taught me about leadership, professionalism, integrity, commitment and dedication. All our clients can tell the difference of the type of service and professionalism they received between a veteran and non-veteran.”

ROBERT FICKES - First Line Security Services

“20 yrs. as a Navy Seabee has taught me a lot of construction skills as well as time management and self discipline.”

Fredrick Trippler - Fix It Fred Handyman Service

“It has given me the foundation of honesty, integrity and hard work.”

Francisco Calvo - Francisco Dorje Calvo, P.A.

“Vast opportunity to learn high tech systems, processes and R&D capabilities that private citizen would never have a chance to learn.”

Pat Morgan - FSPS Inc

“Having toured as a military musician and entertainer, I learn the secrets of having a good experience when traveling.”

Michael Embrey - FunME Events

“Learned to work as a team. Learned the need to keep studying. Leaned to plan ahead and to work a plan.”

George Trost - G. E. Trost & Associates, Inc.

“The military teaches team work, personal development, resolve and honesty. It instills courage and empathy. These are hallmarks every business owner must develop to operate their business.”

Kelley Philips - Mulligan & Philips Construction, Inc.

“Traveling overseas in the Navy helped me prepare for my extensive travel, working as a Storekeeper provided warehousing knowledge and confidence in working with others overseas.”

Robert Mull - Mull Export Management & Consulting LLC

“The Navy provided opportunities for progressive leadership and management responsibilities and the skills to exceed in any environment. By capitalizing on the skillets learned, I have been successful in all my post Navy leadership roles.”

Kevin D. Reside - National Safety Technology LLC

“Military service (25) years has given me the necessary discipline and training to operate a business. After one year (1969) in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, running a business seems easy.”

Joseph Reis - Naval Aviation Cadet Benson

“I learned how to prepare an effective business plan and to execute the various details of the plan to the benefit of the organization.”

Ron Denbow - NE Ohio Real Estate, LLC

“1.) Work ethic 2.) Technical training”

Thomas Gaume - Network Computer Services, Inc

“Discipline, hard work, loyalty, and ready to go "All The Way".”

Kevin Beasley - New Start Realty and Relocation

“The biggest gift from the military for me lies in understanding the necessity for clarity at the onset of what you want to achieve, planning and organizing for that result and ensuring you have some way of getting on-going feedback about how things are truly going with respect to your plan.”

Reggie Crane - Next Level Coaching and Consulting Services

“The military has given me the technological and communication advantage to work within today's industries. I have been able to make the successful contacts that have allowed me to start this business as a direct result of the skills I matured while in the military. Go Army!”

Micah Young - Noah's Rock LLC

“Focus and discipline, organization and importance of readiness and training.”

Thomas Savoy - Northwest Pedorthics

“Improved communication skills due to extensive experience in leadership positions throughout my 23 years active duty.”

Sergio DelHoyo - NOVA Home Inspection LLC

“I have come to understand that their are no limits with the right motivation and ambition in a "free market system".”

Nathaniel Selby - Syndicate Moving and Transport

“Military service has made me a better business owner because it has instilled in me that everything needs to be thorough, precise and done in a timely fashion. Being disciplined in getting tasks done efficiently and to be a team player.”

antone Nielsen - T. Nielsen Environmental

“Military service has prepared me to be a better owner because it made me detail oriented. It also helped me with my organization skills. I learned that organization plays a vital role on order in your business.”

Juan Davis - Tandem Productions LLC

“My Military experience has taught me the value of commitment, character, and discipline. I apply these attributes to the way that I live my life and the way that I manage my business.”

William Cobb - Targeted Tactics, LLC

“Military service has helped me realize that the American dream can be achieved through hard work and perseverance.”

Ahmet Taylor - TC Software, Inc.

“Work ethic.”

Ronald Woodfin - TetraTek, Inc.

“It gave me the ability to manage people.”

Lamont Jefferies - The Beverage Channel

“I worked in Finance and Accounting, it helped me in communicating with people.”

Veniva Paul - The Jamaican Herbalist, LLC

“My over 25 years of military service has given me a sense of pride in myself and my country. It has also prepared me for the demands of operating a small business.”

Thomas Mengesha - The Mengesha Firm, P.C.

“It taught me to believe in myself, and never give up.”

Dale Nelms - The Peanut Wizard

“Communications and teamwork.”

James Sleter - The Place To Go Travel

“Leadership skills, management skills, and the ability to take calculated risks gained in the military set the stage. Also of importance is the ability to interact with people from all walks of life, flexibility (field expediency), motivation, quest for excellence, and the drive to succeed. I am truly grateful to have had the honor to serve.”

Lori Hansen - 2 Sisters Garlic

“Discipline, focusing on task accomplishment, and working with people.”

Thomas Miller - AAA Blinds And Window Fashions

“Taught me discipline, time management and structure.”

Tom Koziol - Accurate Insurance Services

“It gave me the knowledge and experience to be a leader in the defense community. It gave me the special skills and abilities to be an intelligence professional in the defense contracting industry.”

Joseph James - Advanced Methods Group, Inc.

“The military is a great place for a high school graduate to start. You will gain the confidence and discipline needed to someday become a business owner and a productive member of society.”

Craig Ramirez - Advanced Waste Services

“Time and Organizing Management.”

Ginny Abbott - AG LifeStyle Concierge, LLC

“Taught me to always be prepared for the unexpected.”

jerrry uhl - Abbey's Flower Nook

“Discipline and loyalty. Knowing that I work with other veterans, I have a peace of mind we understand each other. Though I did my active duty time as a Marine, I did my two tours in Iraq as an Army MP. The focus you need in the red zone is used each day for my business, the dedication and motivation was driven into you constantly.”

Zoran Smaic - Leatherneck CCU

“Leading others, goal setting and discipline.”

Larry LeDoux - LeDoux Industries, Inc

“Discipline, integrity, perseverance.”

Terence Jones - Legacy Contractors

“Maturity, organizational skills, meeting deadlines, how to work with persons from any background.”

Benjamin Pogany - Pogany Construction, LLC

“The Military made me a man. During my Tour of Duty, I learned leadership, respect, teamwork, organization, structure, and most important Honesty, Compassion, The love of our Country and all the people who live here and who give their lives everyday.”

John Dafonte - Port Bolivar Marine Service, Inc.

“I learned how to overcome diversity, remain focused on my goals, meet challenges with relentless passion in order to exceed the expectations of those I served with. I also gleaned much from the fine individual's who served around me with regard to leadership styles, foresight, and planning. Given awesome responsibility at a young age I learned how to make critical decisions under pressure which continues to serve me well.”

Robert Roy - Positive VSI, Inc.

“It helped prepare me to be able to deal with the unexpected situations and events that occurred outside of my planned strategy and how to react accordingly.”

Tony Whetstine - Poway Samurai Martial Arts

“Through my experience in the Army I learned how to effectively deal with and solve conflicts. I learned to be solution oriented and to know that no task or project is impossible to accomplish. I have adopted this philosophy and integrated it into our company mission statement. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and the desire to go the extra mile to find a solution to any customer request.”

Anne Powers - Powerhouse Inc

“Tenacity to hang in there and network together, you learn a lot being part of a team (how to look out for each other, don't let your buddy fail and support. If it was not for my experiences my life would not be blessed as it is know. I thank my leadership in challenging me to achieve and never quit.”

Gregory Brown - LegalShield Independent Associate - Gregory Brown

“My service in the U.S. Army has prepared me in business by: understanding my goals, mission, and methods used by competition. I am a combat veteran; so, I understand the “need to have” vs. the “nice to have” tools and strategies to survive and win. Leadership methods learned in the military have helped me coach, council, manage, motivate as well as discipline/reward my employees. Communication, documentation, initiative, organization, professionalism, teamwork, technical quality and technical quantity as well as time management skills were business tools that I learned while in the service.”

Dave Tong - Premier Technical Services Corporation

“Taught me meaning of responsibility. Do the best you can do. Finish the job in a timely manner.”

Phillip Priebe - Priebe Construction

“The integrity, honesty, and pride that serving eight years in the Marines instilled in me shows through in every one of Pember Constructions' projects.”

John Pember - Pember Construction, LLC

“It taught me that you must be committed to a duty to fulfill properly. Also to know you have what it takes to be a winner. How to respect others and always treat them fairly. Responsibility also means others are counting on you to do what you say.”

james c contarino sr - Pepsipainters+

“During my tour of duty, I managed funds, property, deployments and people. I am very blessed that I served. My professional duties included, military police and Aviation (UH1,OH58, Cobra).”

Edward Harris - Picture Perfect Framing & Art & Building Green Distributors, Inc

“It gave me the training and the tool to make my business work, it also made me think out of the box.”

Monty Hecker - Pride Asset Protection Inc

“Getting the job done right, the first time, on time. Teamwork and preparedness. Integrity is an integral part of our business and a core value of the Air Force and all armed forces.”

David Myers - ProAxis IT

“Great attention to detail.”

paul salas - PSA Electric

“Discipline. Being on time. Doing what I said I would do. Responsibility. Loyalty.”

Rod Manuel - PuroClean Restoration Services - Humble TX

“The military taught me discipline and how to focus to achieve my goals.”

Jeffrey Harrison - Quality Locating Service LLC

“The discipline and commitment learned while in the service has been a great influence on my personal life and career paths. The attention to detail and responsibility I learned during my active duty tours has greatly helped me to focus and prioritize my agendas and duties.”

Christopher Gambill - Qwiksharp

“Military service has given me the discipline, attitude and confidence to tackle a wide variety of challenges, circumstances and objectives.”

Kevin Pippen - Automation Authority, Inc.

“Management skills, discipline, team building, dealing with stress, mission focused, perseverance.”

Allan Jackson - Southeastern Data

“The Navy - Team work makes us all work together T-Together E-Everyone A-Accomplishes M-More”

Lawrence Baumlin - Southern Lights Electrical Contractors, Inc.

“I am a much more responsible, driven, & motivated entrepreneur who knows what to do to get the job done & understands the effort needed to see opportunities & investments through to the end. I help my clients also see the same opportunities & keep them in business. Staying within budget is very important & I help my clients make the most of what they can spend & the discipline to stay on their course of action no matter what the situation. If we must change, we adapt & overcome the obstacles”

Philip Gattuso - Southern Property Group, LLC

“The army has taught me responsibility, dependability, and to get the job done. The army has prepared me to be a better person in every aspect of my life.”

David Chess - Spine Recovery Center

“My service has provided me with leadership skills, dedication, and has provided me with the morals that go far beyond the Army.”

Jason Stephenson - Stephenson Painting

“My military service has given me the confidence and structure to interact and succeed in all I encounter.”

Ralph J. Storti - Storti Quality Consulting, Inc.

“Military Service teaches discipline, dedication, and professionalism. It teaches accountability, follow-through, attention to detail, and the value of education and training. As a result of my military service, I provided management and supervision to very large organizations and groups. I also obtained advanced education. Lastly, as a senior military officer, I obtained extensive experience in dealing with National, International, and other government officials.”

Sherrie Aly - Strategic Solutions and Analysis, LLC

“I learned Diligence, Dedication, and Dependability in which I now pass on to my customers. Semper Fi.”

Rico Evans - Suave Systems & Solutions

“Serving in the military gave me the discipline and experience to run my own business. It taught me to serve my fellow man, so this prepared me to be a better business owner. I learned follow up skills necessary to become a good salesman to promote sales of my business. Thank you for this site.”

Tom Grissom - Sunshine Chem-Dry

“Being in the service gave me inner strength to weather the changing environment of business ownership. It also gave me leadership skills to help direct my business in the way I want it to go.”

Paul Walsh - Superior Executive Transportation

“Strong Networking Abilities.”

Andre Tetrault - SW FL Biometrics

“Was given a typewriter while going into the seventh grade in school and have been typing ever since then. While in the Army in 1959, I was trained to be a Teletype Operator and worked at the Western Union at Ft. Benning, GA. Have been typing ever since then and had many excellent jobs which required my typing skills. Among them were Lockheed and also, Hughes Aircraft, typing Technical Manuals.”

LaWanda Lawson - Lighthouse Typing

“Running a business is an everyday challenge and I have learned that it could be worse. So let's all appreciate what we have and not waste our time.”

Tony Blanca - Lightning Bug Electric

“The military taught me leadership, teamwork, responsibility, and to be calm and think clearly under any adverse situations.”

Virgil Burton - Ligriv Technology, Inc.

“Perseverance. Being able to adjust to each situation.”

Tony A. Lane - Limb Walker Tree Service, Inc.

“The leadership training along with real life experiences prepared me to be a business owner. I use the same military values of hard work, integrity, being on time, and honesty in my business.”

William Coffey - Koalaty Clean

“Self discipline, dedication, proper planning, & follow through.”

Kevin Wallis - Dreamscapes Paving, L.L.C.

“Discipline, diligence, loyalty, persistence, passion, service, commitment.”

Paul Drury - Drury Realty

“My military helped me learn and know the needs of all Veterans. It gave me the understanding of non-profit that I have used for the last 30 years.”

Randi Laird - Veteran Services Unlimited, Inc.

“Attention to detail.”

Michael Pues - Veteran Stone Inc

“After over 27 years service, I have an appreciation for the sacrifices our veterans have endured. To find disabled and unemployed veterans unable to find work is unacceptable to me. Military service ingrains a life-long work ethic which puts service above personal comfort; my business is just a continuation of my service to my country.”

John Campbell - Vetmade Industries, Inc.

“The Patriotism motivated me to go into my own business as Paul "The Flag Man" Bramson.”

Paul Bramson - V.E.T.S. - Ventura

“Military service has given me the ability to achieve tasks in a precise manner. This is crucial for intricate electronic designs. Always, Attention to detail. Do things right the first time. It always makes the difference!”

Jim Schaller - Virtual Extrusion Inc

“Four years of service, including one year in Vietnam, can help one prepare for any contingency.”

Ron Ward - Ward Waterman Connell Architects, LLC

“Processes, Strategy, operations, and tactics are designed to win!”

J Beaumont Chatham - Warrior Life Coach

“To never give up!”

David Grover - Washington Square Associates

“My military experience helped prepare me by making me a leader. To view the overall objective, look outside the box and not be of afraid of making a decision or taking a chance. It also assisted in preparing me to make the tough decisions of what jobs to accept and when to decline.”

Terry Wilson - Wilson Inspection Services, LLC

“The U.S. Army taught me as a young man how to be a productive citizen of this Great Country. It also taught me that whatever task undertaken to complete it to the best of my ability.”

Jim Winters - Winters USA Fuels

“I learned leadership, organization and responsibility!”

Douglas Woodward - Woodward & Associates Inc.

“The discipline and teamwork aspects of military service lead to a reliable, self-motivated person. The education, both during and after my service, gave me the wherewithal to perform at my best in every endeavor, giving me a vast knowledge base from which to pull in efforts to complete projects beyond expectations.”

Charlie Woodward - Woodward Services

“Taught me how to lead.”

lloyd hickerson - World Express Courier

“Discipline, knowledge, being prepared.”

Donald Worley - Worley Machine Enterprises Inc.

“Experience and discipline!”

Mike Penhallegon - PCM Precison Government Sales

“It made me aware of the need to document everything and follow orders and requirements to the letter.”

Don Downey - PD Associates

“Serving in the Army for 9 years gave me the confidence,patience,integrity and respectfulness to start my own company. There are 3 things in my life I am grateful for. Meeting my wonderful wife, being a proud father and joining the US Armed Forces.”

Darryl Jackson - Pearl Acquisitions Group, Inc

“I was a Air Force Plumber for four years.”

Frederick Schilling - Pipeline Backflow Services

“25th Infantry Division Troop List as of 31 January 1970Vietnam. 595 combat engineers. Motivated me to go back and finish school.”

DANA SORENSON - Platinum Home Mortgage Corporation

“As an officer in Viet Nam I was in charge of 40 men and a huge supply facility. At Fort Knox I headed all quartermaster operations in support of a population of 60,000.”

Gary Platt - Points North, Inc.

“My book has been in print for 10 years and I just wanted to "Give Back" for all of the help I've received through the VA.”

Tony DeLiso - Legacy: The Power Within

“Built confidence in my ability to do jobs right and be proud of my work.”

William Slater - Precision Machined Parts LLC

“The military has given me the structure, discipline, and the willingness to succeed and expect only the best from myself.”

Marcel Murrell - Prime Market Realty

“The structured nature and continuous training mode of the military provides solid experience in both leading and following and also how to get things done with the available resources.”

Steven Ernst - Protean Systems LLC

“I am a veteran of the United States Army. During my service in the United States Military, I have learned discipline, motivation and communication skills, which are all assets necessary to have a successful business. I have nine years of previous experience within the service industry and maintain a great working relationship with both customers and suppliers.”

Lonnie Morrow - Tomorrows Eco Services LLC

“My 13+ years of military service provided me with excellent training in preparation for a professional career. The military teaches attention to detail, discipline, and teamwork. These traits have proven to be extremely valuable as I have moved ahead in my professional career with business organizations, and moreso now that I am a private entrepreneur helping others through my consulting business.”

Herman Tomer - Tomer Development Company

“Navy core values of honor, courage and commitment are a daily part of my business.”

Troy Olson - TNT Home Builders

“My military service prepared me for hard work and to take advantage of opportunities provided. It also taught me how to network and most importantly it taught me about honesty, respect, integrity and spirit. My military career prepared me for my business adventure.”

Jeanette Sperry-Lyman - Titan Shred

“Military prepared me by teaching me leadership skills. This allows me to get jobs completed fast and keep cost low.”

Timothy Davis - Timothy L. Davis Land Surveyor

“My military services has given me the discipline to do whatever I put my mind to.”

Shane Lee - Time for Taxes, LLC

“The Air Force taught me discipline to work hard, do a good job and to always follow through. The Air Force taught me to be organized and to always keep records of what I do. The Air Force taught me to respect everyone I come in contact with, including customers, everyone I meet on the road and especially my family who helps me run my business. The Air Force taught me many life lessons that I carry with me today, including to reach out for help when you need it.”

Charles Thrasher - Thrasher Trucking

“Working in a company, battalion, and brigade the military has taught me to deal with a wide variety of personalities, problems, and issues. The military has taught me to know when to react immediately and when to hold back and wait for the smoke to clear. Mostly, it has taught me to persevere in the face of tough economic times.”

Garrett Thompson - Thompson Family Chiropractic

“Discipline and the chain of command combined with accountability of personnel is how military service has prepared me to be a better business owner.”

William Mitchell - Thomas Banks & Mitchell, LLC

“Leadership and commitment!”

D. Michael Johnson - ThermaCor, Inc

“My military service taught me that no matter how hard things seem, you can always get more out of yourself.”

Aaron Broglin - The Trumbull Group L.L.C.

“The military has prepared me to be a business owner by giving me the ability to relate to a diverse population and laid a foundation for good work ethics.”

Jan Holness-Wilson - The Touch 4 Health & Wellness

“Discipline and Tenacity.”

Kevin Leahy - The SpoutOff


Charles Baker - The Poison Ivy Soap Co

“Makes me work harder for me and my family, I am always prompt.”

william fischer - Handyman Services of Chittenden Co.

“When I got laid off, I wasn't sure just what to do. After doing some odd jobs for friends and neighbors, I realized how much I liked working for myself. A background of military service gave me the focus and drive I needed to get a small business going!”

Matt McDonald - Handy Mac Home Services

“I have learned to be independent, self motivated. Learned to work with many different personalities. Have been responsible for many soldiers and their families. Signed and accounted for thousands of dollars worth of equipment.”

Troy Hall - Hall and Company Commercial Cleaning

“I did construction while serving in Vietnam.”

Oscar Greene - Group III Mgt., Inc.

“My military service disciplined me to always commit myself to the highest quality in all things, to be loyal, be honest and be a self-starter.”

Martha Macias-Alexander - Martha Macias-Alexander

“Showing respect to others no matter what the situation. Showing up on time for all appointments. Doing the best job the first time.”

Brian Watkins - Coastal Year Round Lawn Service, Inc.

“The discipline in the Military has helped me become motivated to run a business.”

Rocky Everett - Complete Occupational Drug Exams, LLC

“With the discipline and leadership skills i am better prepared.”

Robert Hatler - Kentuckiana Creations LLC

“Serving over six years in the United States Air Forces, I have learned many skills and abilities but the skill I find most useful in life and/or business relates to the U. S. Marines mantra.... The U.S. Marines are known for their ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Hence the mantra: "Adapt, improvise, overcome." This ability is critical for survival when you're at war. But surely it is applicable in other places... like business...”

Kisha Calix - Confidential Coaching And Consulting, LLC.

“After serving in Iraq as an Infantryman in the US Army, well I knew I could do ANYTHING. I opened a store where I could serve military members and public safety professionals, giving them the respect they deserve.”

Ezra Child - Cop's Closet

“Organization, attention to detail, desire to do better, caring for others, better teamwork and overall better leadership. Drive.”

Jesse Gonzales - County Imports

“Honesty, integrity and pride in all we do.”

Patrick Sargent - CS Computer Solutions

“The NAVY made me a stronger person to address things head on, make business decisions, detail oriented person. Make sure all the i's and the t's were dotted and crossed. Be professional in all matters of business. Take charge, step up do what is right. Be fair be on time, keep your word. Be honest with everything and everyone. Do right by everyone.”

Eddie Jones - D & K Business Systems, Inc.

“Technical training and being attention to detail as well as teamwork learned while in the service have helped me greatly.”

Robert Pagliaroli - Dataman Backup

“I worked in communications in the Navy. I had the privilege to work with many people from so many different backgrounds and different parts of the country. I also got to work with some very good people who were not afraid to share there knowledge with others.”

Larry Day - Day Communications

“Military service prepared me for the life challenges and leadership requirements of owning and operating a business. Motivation, dedication, honesty and attention to detail have all played a role.”

Marty Pickering - DINPAK LLC

“The military prepared me to be a better business owner by ingraining the value of impeccable integrity, hard work, discipline, attention to detail, and country into my daily life and attitude! Never give up and never compromise.”

Hayden Hartland - DiskAgent

“To be more focused and goal-oriented.”

william Johnson - B.T.R.

“Military service provided me the discipline and work ethic to be a better business owner. Improvise, adapt, overcome.”

Steve Pritchard - Division 16, LLC

“As a 20 year Air Force member, you learn certain aspects that aren't readily learned in the civilian sector. Qualities like leadership, mentoring, and a strong pride in success. The basic core values of the Air Force say it all: Service before self, Integrity, and excellence in all we do!”

Donald Johnson - DKJ Technologies

“My time in the US Army taught me the importance of establishing a formal process and working to improve that process. This principle elevated my value in my IBM Career and provided the leverage necessary to make my company successful.”

Steve Dolbow - Dolbow & Company

“The military taught me the skills I need to succeed in my business.”

Robert Cox - Administrative Pro Services

“I received discipline, professionalism!”

Bill Stinson - BW Stinson's Barbershop

“The military helped CAD Construction Inc. become a better company by allowing us the ability to do government contracting. Our company is listed as a SDVOSB which allows the opportunity to bid certain jobs that other contractors can not.”

Cole Wilkerson - CAD Construction Inc.

“I was a Special Forces member who was trained to be focused on my million. Creating and Building Cal Vet Solar Works with the sole purpose of getting America's Heroes hired in the Green Industry requires the same focus.”

Michael Kissinger - Cal Vet Solar Works

“Getting the job done!”

ARMONDO LERMA - California Precision Builders

“Gave me all the tools!”

Monty Hecker - California Security Services Inc. dba ELITE Universal Security

“In the Navy I was taught and practiced; attention to detail, integrity, and ship shape conduct (neat, orderly, professionalism). All our installs are neat and orderly with attention to detail. All our business practices are honest and fair. In the Navy we learned to be ambassadors for our Country and a representative of our ship and division. We still carry that attitude within our company, toward our company. Our customers get the utmost respect that we learned and did give our superiors.”

Richard Callaway - Callaway Electronics & Communications, LLC

“Structure, work ethic, discipline, organization. All have helped me greatly.”

Clifton Reynolds - Carolina Security & Fire

“The training and development that I received plus the planning, discipline, presentation, and leadership skills that I honed during my over 10 years of service enabled me to translate my skill set in logistics to the business world. You learn how to succeed and persevere in a competitive, hostile business environment.”

Thomas Tanel - CATTAN Consultants

“My service in the Air Force taught my three core values since before leaving the airport for basic training and the last day before I separated. 1. Integrity First 2. Service Before Self 3. Excellence in all we do. We borrowed heavily from these concepts and has become our philosophy. When you hire Clean With Integrity, you hire the company who puts integrity first, commits to providing the best service, and excels beyond the competition doing what it takes to keep you the happiest.”

Marcus Hill Brown - Clean With Integrity

“Being a former SSgt in the USAF has prepared be mentally and spiritually to be a better business owner. I run my business under the same military core values that made me the man I am today. The military sharpened my leadership and technical skills enabling me to lead my company to victory. I owe my life and success to my God, Family, and Country. V/R Anthony Closson CEO/Owner Colossal Contracting, LLC”

Anthony Closson - Colossal Contracting LLC

“Military service taught me the importance of diligence, perseverance, and integrity. My customers know I am prompt, will perform the job to the best of my ability, and will remain at their job until my work is completed to their satisfaction. The importance of following a course of action and remaining on course has enabled me to build my business to the level of success it is today. Lastly, my belief in ongoing training enables me to stay on top of my industry information.”

Jeff Gamblin - Tiger Plumbing Services

“The Marine Corps taught me to never quit, keep moving forward and you will achieve your goals and to take care of the people who take care of you.”

Craig Lawrey - HammerDown Firearms

“The Navy made me learn how to pay attention to detail and to push myself when I am ready to quit or give up.”

bradford spelbring - Tool Belt Training

“Leadership skills.”

Earl Passmore - Earls Lawn Care

“Learned to never say no or never say die. Instilled a great work ethic and helped me mature.”

JAMES HALSTEAD - Battlecat Marine and Sound Mind AVC

“It gave me discipline and structure.”

Tonya Byrum - Beach Waves Too Salon By The Sea

“Highly focused!”

Alexander Lee Blackstone - Blackstone & Cullen, Inc

“My military service has prepared me to be an entrepreneur by stressing the importance of discipline, perseverance and teamwork.”

Sherry Handel - Blue Jean Publishing

“Serving during the war (Vietnam), one learns the importance of discipline to be able to follow through and complete your mission. Along the way, one learns the necessity of relying on and helping your buddies to obtain the best possible result for the greater good. For this reason, I have always pursued ventures that I believe will offer the greatest benefit to the people we serve never forget the sacrifices that we all made.”

Gary Nakamura - Blue Water Ventures Inc

“Twenty years in the Air Force taught me Leadership and Hard Work pays off! The only limitations you have are self-imposed, never give up, failures make you stronger, not weaker, always strive to make yourself better. These and other skills are what have made me a better person today!”

ROBERT JENSEN - Bob's Computers

“The leadership skills and decision making action (the value of action over inaction) have allowed me to apply my skills to running a successful organization.”

Rob Martens - Bold Alternatives

“Discipline, confidence, & drive.”

Daniel DiMento - Buena Vista Landscaping

“It has given me the personal skills to stay the course and succeed.”

Harry LeBoeuf - Bull Financial, LLC

“Attention to detail and a strong work ethic is essential to the success of any business.”

Matthew Vusich - Burford Plumbing & Heating

“There are many things, so I will list a few: - Leadership - When times are tough, I know I have been through worse - Good stories - Provides a real connection when dealing with another veteran”

Derek Kottke - Business Partners Group

“The Marine Corps has taught me to take pride in whatever I do, be the best, and to never quit. Serving also showed me how good us Americans have it.”

Joshua Snider - Semper Fi Pressure Washing LLC

“Discipline and organization!”

Ron Vice - Semper Fi Lawn Care and Snow Removal

“Both chief instructors are separated Marines with combat experience. One Vietnam and the other Desert Storm. Both instructors have more than 10 years service in the Marine Corps. Marines are noted for their discipline, determination and fitness.”

Shane Mello - Semper Fi Tae Kwon Do & Self Defense, Inc

“The can do attitude." If you have been there you understand.”

Leigh Carby - Service First Supply

“My time in the United States Army taught me self discipline, respect and love for country.”

Gary Toth - Shirley Foods Inc

“When serving as an Airborne Ranger with the Army's 75th Ranger Regiment, I sustained a line-of-duty knee injury during a parachute mission. I had to work every day to rehabilitate my knee; however, the injury ultimately caused my medical discharge from the Army. I, more than most other personal injury lawyers, understand how it feels to suffer from and overcome a life-changing injury. I can relate to my clients, and I can better present my injured clients to juries.”

Timothy Nies - Van Riper and Nies Attorneys, P.A.

“The USAF taught me to persistently strive for growth and improvement.”

Robert Earl - Utility Control Systems Management, Inc

“Wife is co-owner and she is the veteran.”

Stephen Brooks - Killeen Fence Company

“I was a Army Ranger, 10 years of service, and a decorated combat operator. The military instilled in me self-discipline, motivation, work ethic, integrity, and the importance of getting the job done.”

Jeff Seltzer - EfexPhotography

“As a former Army Captain, the military prepared me to look at every obstacle as a personal challenge. Having served in a predominately male environment as female officer in a leadership position was integral in developing the Warrior and Leader I am today! HOOAH!!!”

LONA SPISSO - Elite Leadership Training LLC

“The discipline and leadership training, along with the high demand work.”

Brett Berry - EmerTech Mobile Auto Services

“United States Marine Corps, Honor, Courage, Commitment and Attention to Detail. All lessons learned in the Marines are priceless that gave me a strong edge over my civilian competition. No college in the world can teach you to be a leader like the Marine Corp.”

Rajendra Hariprashad - Ena's Driving School, Inc.

“By serving in the military, I learned that leadership is about serving others and not just about my own needs. As a leader in the military and in business, I realize that my decisions do not just occur in a vacuum, but that they affect those around me as well as individuals that I may not even know.”

Barry Broughton - AKT Combatives Academy

“The Army taught me that I could do far more than I ever believed possible. With teamwork and determination, all problems can be overcome or worked around. That you don't quit until the job is done. The military gave me confidence in myself, exceptional leadership skills, and a lasting sense of pride in our great country. I feel honored and privileged to have been able to serve.”

Betty Bishop - Workhorse Bookkeeping

“During my first wes-pac in 1984 on the USS Robinson DDG-12 I was sent to the galley to cook for 6 weeks. Seeing my shipmate’s everyday excited to eat everything I placed on their tray. Made me realize how much I loved to give great food to people. I had always worked in the business but never wanted to just cook the same stuff that everyone else had. At 45 I decided to open my first shop "Hot Dawgs" in Grove City OH and never looked back. America is all about looking at what you want and making happen.”

Ken Jewell - Hot Dawgs!

“How to be prompt, efficient, disciplined, honest and take pride in my work.”

Mark Iafornaro - IAFO Air Systems

“Military service provided the training that is needed to be more disciplined and dedicated to continuing better operations of tasks, whether that is a business or a job that needs completing.”

Gene Barrett - Ingersoll Consulting Information Solutions (ICIS)

“It gave me the leadership awareness necessary to think strategically about mission accomplishment while improving troop welfare.”

Aaron Guyett - Innovative Results

“The military has provided the technical training and leadership skills necessary to succeed in the electronic security industry.”

Michael Thomas - Integrated Security Holdings Group

“The two most important traits that I developed while serving in the Navy were: 1. Attention to detail, and 2. Tenacity. Without these two traits, I would have never been able to open my own business.”

John Crews - Intelligent Information Publishing

“My military service was unquestionably the most important step I took on my pathway to founding a highly successful and professional company. The more important elements that I learned during my military career have to do with Ethics, Ethos, Accountability, Initiative, a Zero tolerance for failure and a high level of organizational and situational awareness skills that I can honestly say places myself and Intrawork above ALL the rest.”

Scott Bruno - Intrawork

“The organizational skills and forward planning required of a Senior NCO have been invaluable in starting and running my own business.”

Scott Fisher - Iron Horse Lodge and Cafe

“Warrior Ethos!”

Iron Mikes - Iron Mike's Military Exchange

“Integrity, work ethic, timeliness, efficiency.”

Austin West - IT Veterans, LLC

“Military service enabled me to attend college and obtain advanced degrees which enabled me to work for some of the largest businesses in America including Microsoft. Also the discipline and challenges that I learned at an early age in the military helped me be a more disciplined individual who loves a challenge. The interpersonal relationships that are a normal part of military service helped prepare me for meeting and working with people in the business world.”

Joe Bailey - J & S Properties of N.S.B., LLC

“After 20 plus years in the Army, I learned that self discipline and self motivation is key to success in any endeavor. I was afforded the opportunity to work in public relations, international relations, customer service, and inventory management along with other areas that has prepared me to successfully own and operate my own business. The leadership and people skills learned throughout my career have also prepared me to successfully manage multiple employees at various skill levels.”

Jon Shoemake - J C Contracting

“Because of my military service I'm always on time, & ready to do a job well done.”

Mark Manning - Jacksonville Plumbing Authority

“My military experience prepared me for the dedication required to own and operate my own small business. Without the four years of my life spent in service to my country I would be flipping burgers instead!”

Jason Janes - Janes Surveying, Inc.

“20+ years of military leadership and discipline have prepared me for many things and starting JATOP Total Defense is just one of those. It has also provided me with the internal motivation and drive to keep going when others fail.”

Jeff Albritton - JATOP Total Defense

“The Army gave me more focus to attain my goals for a successful business by showing respect to my customers and an understanding of their needs. It also gave me the work effort needed to run my own business.”

Jacob Lewis - JB's Tax & Accounting Service, Inc.

“I served in the USAF for 4 years from 1997 to 2001 in Ellsworth AFB, SD. The military helped develop a greater love for this great country. It also taught me to pay close attention to details.”

Kevin Edwards - Integrity Now Insurance Brokers, Inc.

“Discipline to get the job done with the resources that are available to me.”

william cardoza - Integrated Flooring

“Leadership and discipline.”

Sharon Elshaug - Insightful Solutions, Inc.

“My military experience prepared me for all life challenges and obstacles.”

John Koehler - HR Solutions LLC

“It Can Be Done" Read my book "Totally American" and you will see.”

Dan Smee - Holy Moly Press

“The attention to tedious details and a higher appreciation for service are hallmarks of my time in the Air Force.”

Phillip Holland - Holland Photo Studio

“My training throughout the military gave me a new perspective on what attention to detail consist of and how to delegate for better results.”

Mark Baird - HirePatriots South Carolina

“They make sure you learn discipline and hard work, which prepares you for life not just business, but it sure helps.”

Andrew Hanus - HGC Global LLC

“Training, Responsibility and Trustworthiness.”

HENRY TINGLE - Henry Tingle-Electric

“The Navy taught me respect and structure. It taught me to be a man and do the right thing. It gave me strong work ethics.”

Stacy Heath - Heath Electric Company, Inc.

“The US Army trained me to use technology to accomplish my objectives on the battlefield. This ideology translates to great business practice by stressing the importance of understanding how you can use technology to streamline and advance business principles, products and ideas. Many of the technologies we use in business today began their life in use in the military. For example, GPS technology is common today, but got its start in the US military.”

Tom Vastano - Healthclick


DICK SHADWELL - Headlite Doctor, Inc

“The leadership, time management, and organizational skills I learned in the Marine Corps helped prepare me to become a business owner and manager.”

James Hagerman - HE Media, LLC

“Being in the military prepared me to be a business owner by teaching me responsibility and integrity. There is great honor being a veteran and I am proud to have served my country. In exchange for my service I received exceptional training and developed a sense of camaraderie that cannot be duplicated.”

Kenneth Ruppert - Happy Home Inspections, Inc.

“Be All You Can Be - was the motto and continues to be the mindset. The leadership that the military has taught and instilled in me will make this company successful. Pride, honesty, respect, and loyalty is what I was taught and wish to continue to show our clients through our hard work ethics.”

Richard Kennedy - Green Meadows LawnScapes

“Leadership and loyalty!”

Brian Rummans - Rummans Construction

“Military service showed me how to assist others in accomplishing their mission.”

Nick Ryan - Ryan Design Group

“My military experience has brought me the courage and discipline it takes to make tough, smart decisions.”

Kelly Russell - S.I. Vend, LLC.

“The Marines have taught me how to adapt and overcome insurmountable odds. In today's economy businesses are struggling and it takes an untiring devotion to meet objectives to survive regardless of the obstacles which is what was preached to me on a daily basis during my glory years in the Marines. Once a Marine always a Marine regardless of the mission. In addition we worked as a team which is absolutely necessary in any business that is going to continue to climb the ladder of success.”

Santo Vitrano - S.M.V. Business Services LLC

“I feel that if it was not for my service in the ARMY I would of never received needed funds to purse my college education and would never been able too start a company or the discipline with the can do attitude I learned while in the ARMY.”

Todd Martin - Safety Tech Inc

“Discipline, hard work, and leadership skills.”

Michael Tranchina - Salon LaBrea

“It taught me to go after what I want and never give up.”

Sammie Moore - SamCo Services

“Military life helped shape my life go better serve my customers.”

chuck Brokhoff - Scrubs Mobile Auto Spa LLC

“Determination and willingness to improve.”

PAUL ZIEMBA - SDV Contracting, LLC

“The military has offered extensive real-life experience that helps tremendously when facing the day to day operations of a business. It provided great leadership honing opportunities, working under pressure frequently and learning how to effectively handle the situation with invaluable experience.”

Carlos Cardenas - Semper Wi-Fi

“Responsibility. Knowing how to do the job and get it done.”

James Lutz - Serpico Pizza

“Discipline. Trading and portfolio management is much like close order drill, rifle range, and real combat. Close order drill with a rifle has a purpose: to instill instant response to orders. It's a lot like the process of developing a decision-making systems for investment management. You learn the drills, you practice firing it down the range, but what you do in the heat of the battle is all that matters. Investment managers with an edge are trigger-pullers. We are able to execute, discipline.”

Mike Shell - Shell Capital Management, LLC

“On time every time.”

Ed Hoessman - IGC Associates, Inc.

“Leadership development!”

Bobby Crowson - IOS Solutions

“I learned discipline, focus, grit, compassion, empathy, and servant leadership. I was immersed into the neuroscience of adult learning through PME (professional military education) as both a student and trainer. My exposure to the amazing diversity of humanity and the plight of the "under dog" continues to influence how I treat others. I learned the cost of freedom and the importance of preserving it. God, family, country.”

Dennis Funk - Edifi Training

“It pays to be a winner.”

Robert Showalter - Showalter Construction LLC

“Without a doubt, the Air Force instilled a sense of honor and service. This is a cornerstone of my business and has made my agency on of the top agencies in Tennessee. Doing what is right even when you do not make anything on the deal is the thing to do. This always comes back 10 fold.”

D'Lon Dobson - TennHealth Insurance Services

“I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur all my life, the military service gave me the discipline I needed to realize I had a real passion about owning my own business. Now I'm doing it!”

James Green - The Arthur Milledge Consultant (AMC) Group, LLC

“All Heart Home Care is a Veteran owned senior home care agency owned and operated by Eric Barth who formerly served in the United States Air Force. I proudly served my country and now with dedication & compassion I aid seniors and fellow Veterans in receiving the best home care services San Diego has to offer. I recruit the most trusted caregivers in the Greater San Diego area. To my fellow Veterans, I thank you for your service. For quality senior home care needs, call All Heart Home Care at 619-736-4677.”

Eric Barth - All Heart Home Care

“I am the spouse of a disabled veteran. He served 20 years in the Navy. Our sacrifice as a family as well as his service and dedication has helped us to be responsible with finances, meet deadlines and more than anything stick together. We like to give back now and have recently added an entire line of military flowers that were created with our military in mind. Our flowers are used for veteran's organizations and fundraisers. We are proud to still be connected to the military community.”

Susan Jones - The Eternal Rose

“The leadership and discipline I learned while in the Army has helped me manage people to get my work accomplished.”

Eric Teets - The IronCraftsman

“Discipline, sense of duty, dedication to the job, larger view of life and the world, recognizing needs, prepared to help others and work as team.”

Fritz Strehlow - The Mentor Group

“My experience in the Army taught me to always remain true to myself and to my fellow man. It taught me to be honest, work hard and play fair in my everyday life. I try to take that experience and knowledge and use it to cultivate relationships with my employees. Hard work, determination and honesty is all I give and all I want in return.”

Michael Hickman - The Securus Group

“When I joined I was in communications, took some customer service classes, was an instructor and counselor. Help service members prepare to enter the civil an world. Worked with supply department.”

Randy Turner - The Sports Shop

“I was a cryptologist and linguist for the Marines. I expected to go to NSA upon separation from active duty, but they had a hiring freeze on. I went to temp agencies seeking work while I waited, one tested me, and decided I was an "IT guy" because I had good experience in systems implementation and database development and analysis. I was assigned to a small company where my blend of technical skills, leadership ability, and can-do attitude, all learned from the Marines, got me started.”

David Grinberg - DynaVet Solutions, LLC

“The military has taught me about being dedicated to the mission and upholding values in myself as well as my employees. I also value the training and hands on servant leadership approach and apply it to this business that way I can be a positive influence for my staff and provide a positive working environment.”

Brent Benjamin - Dynamic Solution Drug & Alcohol Testing, Inc.


Russell Weisse - DustyDiamond Enterprise

“My military service has prepared me to be a business owner in many ways. Being in the military has given me organization and leadership skills. I am able to stay calm under pressure and have the perseverance to tackle any task and see it through, no matter how difficult it is, thanks to the challenging situations I faced as a member of the Armed Services.”

Tamara Duke - Duke Family Carpet Cleaning & Flood Service

“Gained confidence to achieve on my own and follow up on everything to accomplish the mission.”

Eric Dufault - DuFFer Sports

“Providing opportunity to find solutions not already broadly held in the mainstream.”

Charles Danley - Diesel Max, Inc

“Serving in the military granted me the skills and desires to create and dedicate Deseret Enterprises to be of service to other small business owners. It is all about the camaraderie between small business owners.”

Ami Frederick - Deseret Enterprises

“I learned discipline at an early age (entered the service at 17). Whenever I need to be disciplined about conducting business, I draw on my Army experiences.”

Derrick Wilson - Derrick Wilson | Consultant

“The army gave me the skills to be a leader and to help others. Therefore giving me the confidence to start a business.”

William Dobson - D&P Bio-Haz

“The most important part of the military experience is Team Work. What you learn and experience is working successfully with others in completing the mission. My Drill Sargent always reminded us by saying "Never assign a task that you cannot or will not do yourself". I have always lived by this, will continue and have been rewarded with success.”

Thomas LaMere - 930 Enterprises Ltd.

“The military has the the best detailed cleaners in the industry.”

DONALD PAGE - A & D Services

“Through Army career gain education, computer training, leadership and training in "train and sustain", organization goals.”

ARMANDO LEOS - A & M Leos Real Estate, L.L.C.

“My Naval training and experience has given me the discipline and wisdom to help me make better business choices.”

Craig Arnold - A Kid's Adventure

“I am very goal orientated, and hold myself, employees and business to a higher standard.”

Thomas Rostron JR - Tom Rostron Co. Inc

“Military service and training has given us the knowledge and expertise in the field of products and services we're offering to the general public.”

Jerry Goodson - Tri-State Tactical

“As an Ensign in the USNR I was assigned to DDG-9 USS Towers as Asst Weps. I was 21 and had a division of 27 men ranging in age from 18 to 49. I grew up quickly and learned how to manage in a crisis... which is the same as managing in non-crisis mode... learned a lot about being squared away and responsibility which has carried me thru life in my business and personal life. I am currently the Commander of the Tigard Community Emergency Response Team with 150 volunteers under me.”

Bruno Amicci - Triad Technology Group

“The discipline and organizational skills instilled in me as a young soldier has influenced every aspect of my life personally and professionally to include the way I run my company and treat my clients.”

Thomas Stamulis - True North Group

“Organizational management and attention to detail has helped this company in operations and sales force execution.”

Mark Putiyon - TSI

“The military instilled more drive and motivation in me to accomplish the things I want.”

Mark Stanley - Twisted Computing

“My Navy experience taught me organizational skills together with the hard work and dedication necessary for ULTIMATE Protection Firearm Academy to be one of the safest, customer friendly CCW training facilities in Michigan; culminating in realizing our community based goal of building a family recreational shooting range.”

Al Polkowski - ULTIMATE Protection Firearm Academy

“We provide our services on time and under budget. As a former Marine I am determined to make sure every project big and small receives the same get it done attitude.”

Edward Cornell - Ultra Commercial Interiors

“It has provided with the knowledge and tools to manage an organization effectively and efficiently.”

Shameka Miller - Unique Administrative Resources

“I am very dedicated and detail oriented with an emphasis on relationship building. Honesty and integrity coupled with a spirit of resolve.”

John Collins - United Commercial Builders


James Conley - Direct Connect Computer Systems, Inc.

“Leadership, decision-making, working with people, planning, delegation, financial management, and counseling are just a few examples of how knowledge and experience gained in the military are helpful in a civilian business.”

Diane Diekman - Eagle Eye Investments

“To go the extra mile.”

larry oshita - Five-O Pumping

“Problem solving, taking initiative and finding resources with reliance upon training and mission focused determination were among the character building pillars the Marine Corps instilled in me. Its part of my DNA and as a CEO for a nonprofit start up that will support, connect and invest in Veterans and the Community these core values will assist me in further growing as a leader for the Veterans who so deserve our support.”

Angela Guidroz - Geaux Veterans

“My time in the Air Force taught me dedication, a strong work ethic, and relational skills used in business today.”

Scott Geater - Geater Machining and Mfg.

“The experience I gained serving in the U S Marine Corps has given me the confidence, leadership abilities, and discipline to successfully operate my business.”

Carmen Pitarra - GC Enterprises, LLC

“Signal corp specialist message center, crypto responsibility. Leading the security of the message center. These areas taught me to take responsibility for making sure we were following procedures to make us successful in our job function. Today that conditioning makes me follow the same training needed to face even a more dangerous area the business world.”

Lee Schiller - GB International Packing Service Inc

“It helped my to go from a boy to a man and the responsibilities that go along with it, It took me out of my comfort place and showed me a whole new world out side of it.”

Joseph Russo - Eagle Rock Floors

“Discipline, early riser, passion, honor and loyalty.”

Larry Lawton - Reality Check Program, Inc.

“The military gave me the discipline and courage to not let anyone tell me what I can and can not do. It gave me leadership skills to be able to take a small group of realtors and teach them how to become High Volume Sellers.”

Raye Mayhorn - Realty Executives of Killeen

“Military Service instills values that last a lifetime as well as the opportunity to serve your country. Proud to be a USN military veteran.”

phillip solomon - Solomon Electrical Services

“Discipline, focus and follow through.”

Steve Rose - Solar Solutions Unltd.

“Attention to detail, customer oriented in a professional and positive manner. ”

William Kennard - Arkansas Four Star Enterprises

“The discipline and focus I gained in the Army has helped me throughout my life, and it helps me in my business as well.”

William Ashby - Ashby's Crafts and Gifts

“Going in the Navy at 17 helped give me the edge Ii needed when I separated. I would do it all again. Go Navy!”

lenny Anderson - ASAP Water Damage Restoration

“The Army taught me how to work with people.”

Frank Garito - Asbestos Corporation of America

“My professional goals are simply a continuation of the leadership concepts I developed in my military career. Which is to be so effective in developing individuals, teams, and systems, that any business can thrive because I have developed resourceful leaders. Every day we must deliver results and how we deliver those results makes a difference in our personal and professional success.”

Gabrielle Bernal - GEM Elite Marketing

“It has equipped me with leadership, loyalty and commitment!”

Renee Floyd - BRF Mobile Lube Services

“The military taught structure and discipline but provided the ability to think for oneself. This traits have been foundational.”

Louis Christie - LMC Management Services

“The military has prepared me to be a better business owner because of the experience working with many different people. You get a bigger picture of how everything works toward a common goal. Life is like that too.”

Herbert Love - Love's Carpet & Floor Maintenance, LLC

“It is very simple - It taught me hard work - team work - and discipline!”

Frank Myers - Low Voltage Cabling Systems, Inc.

“The US Navy educate in me in electronics specializing in radar & radio repair. I accelerated in precision work, good work ethics, pride & much more.”

Jeff Atkison - Low-Voltage Professional

“Our company was founded by Veterans that understand that being on time and always delivering is the true meaning of what the military taught us, and we use it everyday in business.”

Willam Linzy - LPS Integration

“Have served my country and now serving my community.”

William McClammy - M TECH Home Inspections

“The military taught me to be a part of something that is bigger than myself. To take pride in myself and the tasks that I perform. To do what it takes to finish what I started.”

Bill McWilliams - MAC Excavating Company, LLC.

“At the age of 18 I joined the US Navy and learned more about Discipline. My parents got me started, but the NAVY taught me a system of rules governing conduct or activity. The best business's use the golden rule. Treat others as you would yourself.”

John Gutmann - Machine Press Video Productions

“Persistence and honesty are paramount.”

Gary Wensec - Magee Technology Services

“Discipline, hard work, respect, delegate, responsibility, assertiveness, loyalty and most of all good common sense.”

RICHARD COLUCCI - Seacoast Imprint

“Discipline, honor, commitment, were just words before the military. Now I live by them!”

Kim Thompson - Sistre's LLC

“I was a Nuclear ELT in the Navy. The basic course was given to the top 10% of navy applicants and the attrition rate was about 60%. This program was during the draft program and I have heard they have become more lenient to be able to fill billets.”

Bernard Preisz - Sivirt

“My military service added order and discipline to my life. Through out my career I have chosen former military for my employees because they consistently posses those same qualities.”

John Grow - SLP Photography

“My four years service in the US Army was instrumental in helping me realize that with the proper attention to detail and planning I could accomplish anything I set out to do.”

Neil Ehrlich - Fighting Fitness

“Although I was injured early in my military career and was forced to medically retire, it helped me to better understand the plight of disabled veterans. I spent years not only going through the VA system, but instead using it as an opportunity to absorb how the system worked and my wife and I spent years researching the VA learning how to work with efficiently so that we could then help our fellow veterans make it through the VA system efficiently as well.”

Alan Alford - Fighting For Our Heroes Foundation

“The structure learned from the military has been emphasized in my company. We strive to take care of all our customers the same way and to provide the very best service that we can. We always go a little extra such as cleaning the machine and the surrounding area where the machine is located. We try to maintain a schedule so the customer knows when we are coming and can depend that we are there when we say we will be there.”

fred bonda - First Call Services Inc

“As a Management Systems Officer in a naval industrial facility assembling and testing Polaris Missiles, I designed and implemented a Production Inventory Management System. Later on that background assisted me when I was working as a Manufacturing Engineer Manager and developed a materials processing concept that saved the company $350,000 annually. Further I worked in a variety of positions of increasing responsibility to do with sales, engineering and manufacturing.”

Richard Zielinski - Hydra Technology Corporation

“You don't have enough room on your server. I am the man today BECAUSE of the military. Self respect, chain of command, work ethic, time management, how to conduct one self as a man, those are just a few ways the military has helped me.”

Neal Elden - installyourfloors

“Military situations have given me the precedent and the preparation necessary for dealing with the daily adversity that comes with running a small business. Additionally, the lessons of leadership while in the service of our country has provided me with an outstanding foundation for leading the employees of our organization. A day does not go by that I am not thankful for the experiences, the friendships and strong bond formed while in the US Armed Forces. Thank You!”

Lou Bartulovic - Interior Classics Inc.

“More organized than the average Joe.”

Joe Foley - International Association of U.S. Government Contractors Houston Chapter

“It taught me discipline.”

Steffon Ridgeway - Nashville Mobile Party DJs

“The military bestowed in me to become what I can no matter the challenges.”

Sarah Nava - Sarah Nava Photography

“Discipline and a drive to do things better have been applied to my grooming business.”

Jeffrey Martinez - Zoom Groom Mobile Pet Spa

“It instilled a sense of pride, ownership, responsibility, respect, and professionalism in what I do. My service also taught me to never give up and always give my all.”

Jason Chan - NC Glass Chips

“The US Navy gave me a technical background that allowed me to understand the power of the internet and technology which we use in our business model extensively. Three years of Naval Recruiting experience allowed me to design a sales training program to insure the best well rounded sales force of any real estate firm in America.”

Cory Kammerdiener - LLC

“Being a Security Specialist in the Air Force trained me to follow procedures, be disciplined in my actions, to think before acting and how to manage people. Desert Storm taught me, first-hand, what courage and integrity is and what could happen when they are lacking. Honesty, teamwork, integrity, courage - with self and others.”

Jay Kurtz - STL On Line, Inc.

“Facing reality. I can remember when I got to Vietnam, the first thing I saw was a banner that read "Stay Alert, Stay Alive" and then a top Sargent said I know your a little concerned about being killed. "Don't because you'll never hear the one that gets you" 1.) So in the business world I've stayed alert & stayed alive 2.) I don't worry about who is going to do damage to what or whom because 9/10 you never see it coming.”

Edward Burns Sr - Video Suspects, Inc.

“I learned organizational skills, management and leadership through my time in the military; I believe that this is invaluable to any business.”

John Weaver - Global Reconnaissance Solutions, LLC

“My Army service had trained me to be persist in achieving my goals. I also learned that everything is not what it seems and to analyze a situation from different points of view. It also taught me to be extremely patient.”

Andra Hargrave - Global Sales Advisors

“The Navy has great leadership development, and total quality management training programs. I was able to take advantage of both of those. I also gained experience in developing and implementing programs to better use resources.”

Sheri Reuter - Gluten Free Treasures LLC

“A single Marine is a powerful force. Two Marines working together create a synergy that has an amazing affect. We work as a coordinated team because the Marine Corp teaches honor, respect and honesty.”

Gary Beckert - GM Beckert & Associates Inc.

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